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Janneke Verheezen Strengthens the Recruitment Team in Monaco Janneke Verheezen Strengthens the Recruitment Team in Monaco

Janneke Verheezen has been working in a technical environment for more than 10 years and has built extensive work experience in the area of Account Management, Recruitment and HR Departments with a goal to work for international companies that support its clients to manage their Oil & Gas assets. She has a substantial knowledge in Business Development and Recruitment Strategies to maintain a quality candidate and project portfolio. In addition she has demonstrated capability to understand technical and business initiatives to ensure punctual completion of work in order to preserve the expected workload.

Janneke's appointment as Principal Recruitment Consultant enables her to utilise her skills and expertise to the benefit of Naurex.

Published 26th March 2014


The Naurex Recruitment Team is Further Strengthened The Naurex Recruitment Team is Further Strengthened
Mathieu Virely has been working in an international environment for many years and has built a strong work experience in the areas of HR consulting, Recruitment and HR management for global companies in both technical and financial sectors.

He has a great understanding of the international job market, headhunting processes, targeted recruitment and aims to deliver the highest levels of quality and services.
Moreover his understanding of the technical world is a great asset to the Oil&Gas industry and allows him to support our clients in all their projects.

Mathieu brings a different approach to the job market in the department and his legal background is a real strength for the Naurex recruitment expert team


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