Sourcer / Administrative Assistant



Administrative Assistant (20%)

  • The Sourcer / Admin Assistant is responsible for all incoming calls for the entire company.
  • The Sourcer / Admin Assistant assist the Logistic, Manning & Marine Department with uploading CV, Creating Alerts in the Management System (BH) and mobilization requests.
  • The Sourcer/Admin Assistant assists with daily administrative tasks.
  • The Sourcer/Admin Assistant is responsible for entering local contracts into the Portail.


Sourcing & Administrative Tasks (80%)

  • The Sourcer / Admin Assistant is responsible for sourcing candidates immediately according to the CFT of our clients.
  • The Sourcer / Admin Assistant is responsible for uploading Technical Profiles into Bullhorn.
  • The Sourcer / Admin is responsible for the entire administrative process when a CFT is received (Bullhorn Job Registration, Complete Registration on the Server, Job Uploading to the website and OGJS, CV transformation to Naurex CV, Creating Candidate Files, Pre-Screening of Sourced Candidates, etc).
  • The Sourcer / Admin Assistant is responsible for reporting (client and internal reports).
  • The Sourcer / Admin Assistant contributes to the overall performance of the team.


Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for uploading technical profiles into Bullhorn.
  • Responsible for sourcing technical profiles according to the CFT of our clients.
  • Responsible for advertisement of the job description on the NAUREX website, OGJS, LinkedIn AND/OR others.
  • Responsible for uploading jobs into Bullhorn.
  • Responsible for pre-selection of candidates in Bullhorn and short-listing.
  • Pre-select and search for candidates to create pools or databases of candidates in Bullhorn according to specialism.
  • Responsible for candidate pre-screening by telephone or/and email, such as: check availability, interest level, relocation needs, qualifications and cultural fit.
  • Support for logistics, such as local hotel prices, car rentals, flights etc.
  • Excel registration of jobs for the Naurex website.
  • Identifies potential candidates and use cost-effective sourcing techniques to attract applicants
  • Is responsible for responding to random incoming CV’s and uploading into Bullhorn.
  • Cultivates relationships with key candidates and large talent pools to deliver both immediate short-term needs and strategic long-term.
  • Works closely with Recruiters / Consultants to review and understand the functions and qualifications for specific job réquisitions.
  • Partner with Recruitment Manager to identify and assess talent to fill difficult positions, generate leads, leverage resources and share information that creates an effective search process.
  • Proactively conduct research and investigate new idea’s to find “passive” candidates
  • Contribution to the overall performance of the teams business.
  • Weekly reporting/meeting on Sourcing activities (discussing KPI’s, strategy, jobs, clients, consultants, company related information).

Degreeand Competencies

  • Bac+4 or equal
  • Experience as an Administrative Assistant and/or Sourcer
  • Experience in Sourcing Methods is a plus
  • Excellent Word and Excel skills
  • Excellent command of the French and English language



  • Pro-active
  • Individual
  • Team work
  • Good organizational skills
  • Stress resistant
Oil & Gas
+ 2 years
3 months (renewable)
Start Date
January 3, 2017
Naurex Monaco
N / A
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Closing Date
December 22, 2017