Naurex, leading provider of technical assistance

Founded in 1999, today Naurex is one of the leading providers of recruitment and technical support to On-site and Offshore projects in the fields of Energy (Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Marine Energy), Subsea interventions, Gas and Petrochemical industry and infrastructures. Today, Naurex is privileged to work with the main players in the Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Renewable Marine Energy sectors.

Naurex is committed to the challenge of the energy transition and the industry of the future with its clients, both major and niche players.

 Naurex's strong commitment has allowed the establishment of long term partnerships with its clients. Naurex uses this accumulated experience to identify and select qualified experts and consultants to carry out projects worldwide.

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Naurex is committed to quality, we are ISO9001, Radiation Protection and MLC certified. For more information click here:

Naurex Quality Policy

 Naurex is committed to the highest level of Health and Safety standards and takes all necessary steps to ensure that its consultants have the required training to comply with safety standards.



A global presence

Naurex is headquartered in Monaco, and through its network and new shareholders, has a presence in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Naurex benefits from the network of CAPEFRONT's subsidiaries, with whom it collaborates on a daily basis. Naurex is therefore able to provide experts and consultants on a local contract basis.

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Our strengths

Organisational structure/Responsiveness/Support for our consultants/Knowledge of the local market/Contracting experts/Belonging to a leading, fast-growing group/Permanent and relevant sourcing


Our Commitment

Responsiveness/Flexibility/Compliance with legislation/Transparency/Competitiveness/Achieving carbon neutrality


Our skills

Proven experience in identifying needs/Understanding project issues/Mobilising the best consultants/Supervising and monitoring its consultants.