Principal industries are Oil, Gas, & Nuclear

Onshore as well as offshore, Naurex has all the necessary resources to meet the very different needs of its clients:

  • Its managers, engineers and technicians have specialist skills in different domains from deep sea to remote deserts. They are specialists in every phase of a project and are ail capable of leading those projects through their different stages from design to construction, commissioning, start up, maintenance and decommissioning.
  • Its technicians are some of the most experienced when it comes to operations at sea: supervisors and superintendents, mechanics, hydraulics specialists, electricians, deck leaders, riggers, positioners, DP operators – ail provide their ‘savoir faire’ to pipe-laying, flexibles and umbilicals, underwater cables, platforms, modules and sea-bed equipment installation.
  • Its IMCA qualified experienced divers, diving supervisors and superintendents, ROV pilots and technicians ail complete the working chain by participating in the successful accomplishment of oil and gas sub-sea operations, as weil as harbour and underwater civil works.


For twenty years Naurex has been involved in foremost nuclear projects both in France and the UK. Naurex has lead projects through their different stages of design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and, more recently, decommissioning and nuclear waste management.

Its Main Skills

As a result of its extensive field proven experience, Naurex has the

ability to:

  • Identify needs with corresponding skills
  • Understand project schedules and constraints
  • Mobilise the most appropriate professionals in the shortest time
  • Supervise and control its seconded staff