Important Notice of Recent Fraudulent Emails Targeting Financial Transactions and Genuine Payment Policy of Naurex Group

Dear Customers,

Over the last few weeks we have successfully intercepted some potentially fraudulent activities which if undetected would have potentially damaged our business financially. This is a worrying development and we feel it is important to inform our clients of this risk.

Some of our clients have received emails purporting to be from Naurex requesting account information and transfers.  The emails are sent directly to named individuals working for our clients and often include information as to why funds are needed, that we are undergoing an audit and cannot be reached or that we have opened a new bank account.

One of these senders goes under the identical name of Naurex, however there is one difference: instead of using the “G” in group a “Q” and used as such: “naurexqroup”. If you receive such an email or letter, please notify us immediately on and we will take appropriate action at the earliest.

We apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your support.