Since 2006, Naurex has affirmed its desire to structure its activities and demonstrate its performance to its customers by formalizing a quality approach.

The ISO 9001 certification has enabled us to demonstrate that our organization and our functioning was resolutely adresses the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

Continuous improvement has become a systematic mode of operation for the company.

The international and highly competitive economic context of our sector of activity presents more demands each day.

In this context, the main orientations of our Policy are as follows:

  • Develop a real partnership with our customers by continuing to maintain our recognized strengths, such as trust, transparency, respect for our commitments,
  • Strive to maintain our reactivity to requests,
  • Ensure the quality of stakeholders, skills, experience and behavior and monitor their development
  • Provide each of our consultants with appropriate and fulfilling support in carrying out their missions,
  • Develop internal control tools to optimize our operation,
  • Adapt the skills of employees to the evolution of the company and the needs of our markets
  • Respect the charters and commitments made in the HSE and ethical fields.
  • Take into account the measures put in place following the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Respond to the development of local markets in the context of a local operation and environment. (Regulations, taxes etc.)
  • Adapt to the lasting crisis in the petroleum sector, by adapting the structures of society and diversifying into other markets.
  • Respond to customer requests after assessing environmental, regulatory and banking economic risks, in the context of future developments depending on markets and countries.
  • Comply with legal requirements and other requirements relating to the protection of workers against ionizing radiation,
  • Prevent any radiological risk and reduce exposure to ionizing radiation as low as reasonably possible,
  • Bring our policy to life and ensure its communication to all interested parties who request it,
  • Check that this policy remains relevant and appropriate over time.

I, Emmanuel SOUCHIER, in my capacity as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, undertake:

  • To maintain the means necessary for the sustainability of this approach,
  • To encourage awareness and involvement of employees in the performance of the company and the quality of service.
  • To be in a constant search for continuous improvement of my radiation protection management system,
  • To raise customer and stakeholder satisfaction as an essential element of the corporate culture.

I ask everyone to contribute to the implementation of these objectives and to participate in the continuous improvement of our system quality and radiation protection.

Please find below the links with the information for the certifications granted to Naurex:


CERTIFICATION AFNOR_ISO-9001 du 10-07-2018 au 09-07-2021